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Spruce Up Your Room with Extra Large Jumbo Beanbag Chairs

Spruce up your retreat room today with our great and comfortable oversized xl bean bags. We have a wide selection from which you can choose a specific giant beanbag that suits your unique needs. With high quality that is guaranteed by shredded polyurethane foam, our bean bags are bound to give you the ultimate relaxation experience that you deserve. Far more durable than other beanbags, they have been designed with easy maintenance in mind that is why they come with a washable designer cover and a free liner.  

Our giant luxury sacks range from huge 6' bags that can fit you and your special one to 7' ones that are big enough for your young one to get a spot too and even 8' for more fun and family. You don’t need to worry about suitability with the theme color of your house because we have them in all the colors that you might need. Here we have something for everyone ranging from those who want to enhance the game room to those who want more family love and comfort in the lounge and those who want to reduce stress that is common in the home theater room. Browse through our giant bean bags below and make your selection.

6 ft Giant Bean Bag Chair Loungerhuge bean bags

This 75 pound oversized bean bag measures 6 ft in diameter and 32" in height and is perfectly comfortable for two kids or one adult. It is also ideal for a couple. We have your personal interests in mind and that is why this 6' jumbo bean bag chair comes in different colors that include earth, charcoal, olive and purple among many others.

With the least possible assembly requirements, you can be guaranteed that once you buy our xl 6' bean bag all that remains for you to do is relax and ease off tension from your long and busy day. It comes with a perfectly stitched cover and liner that are made of comfortable and durable fabrics for your ultimate relaxation. Each cover has a zip which allows you to remove the whole cover whenever you wish to. Compare with our competitor's bean bags and you'll see the difference in quality. Furthermore, the covers are machine washable and you don’t need to worry about keeping it clean.

7 ft Extra Large Bean Bag Chairsjumbo gigantic bean bag chair

Our 7 ft XL bean bag chair is big enough for 3 or more adults to fit very comfortably. This high quality gigantic bean bag is made in the USA using shredded polyurethane foam for your comfort. The cover is also comfortable and durable and you get to choose from a variety colors ranging from brown, red, olive and charcoal among many of your other favorites. Generally, the design is stylish and eye catching and it will spruce up whichever room you put it in without a lot of effort from your side.

With a diameter of 7 ft. and height of 3 ft. this extra large giant beanbag chair weighs 102 Pounds but is very easy to move around in case you feel the need to restructure your room or to move it to another room. It has covers that are water resistant and can fit in rooms that are meant to entertain (such as your theater room). The covers are also washable in a machine and you don’t need to worry about how to ensure they are always neat.

8 ft Huge Bean Bag Bed - Our Most Giganticoversized xl bean bag chair

With an XL 8' huge bean bag you are spoiled of options for use. It is huge enough to support four and more adults to sit on comfortably. In addition to acting as a luxury chair, it is also big enough to be used for other activities including as a game chair or as a bed. In fact, its size cradles your body for extreme comfort that you can hardly derive from other seats. In terms of quality, the fabrics are not only comfortable but also durable and machine washable. At 8 ft. in diameter and 3ft. in height, this seat has a child safety zipper and weighs 130 pounds.

Make your entertainment rooms to look lavish and welcoming with this extra large giant bean bag chair that comes in a variety of colors. Alternatively, you can also make it a spare bed in case you don’t have room for one. You will get two services from one single gigantic adult bean bag and in this way you will have put your bed and seat worries to rest very effectively and efficiently. 

XL Bean Bag Chairs

Our bean bag chairs are XL because that's how they are the most comfortable. Extra large means extra space for you to stretch out and relax. Check out all our xl bing bags in our collection! If you're looking for a specific color, we have organized our bean bags into by their colors! See our purple, red, green, blue, or black bean bag chairs.

Why Buy From Us?

All our giant XL beanbags have outstanding features that you should definitely take advantage of. When you think of the most comfortable chair that you can possibly find, don’t think any further than our giant bean bags. They are soft and luxurious on you yet very tough on wear and tear thus making them very durable. Mobility is also a factor that we consider. We know hat some situations require you to move furniture around; maybe from one point of the room to another or from one room to another. When you have these bean bags that should not be a worry. They are very mobile and easy to roll around.

In terms of the overall appearance of your house, jumbo bean bags are the most appropriate seats that can give any room a touch of class and physical appeal. They don’t require a lot of space and you can even put them in a room with other furniture like sofas. Alternatively, you can lay them sideways so that they act as beds (especially for the 8' one which is big enough for that purpose). Most importantly, you should definitely buy a gigantic bean bag couch because of its health benefits. Contrary to other chairs which are very rigid and can tire your lumbar, a jumbo bean bag chair is very flexible and when you are using one you can never feel fatigue in the muscles; regardless of how long you sit or lie on one. This is a very important factor to consider so that you don’t make your relaxation room to look like an office with lumbar unfriendly furniture.

If you're looking for where to buy the best bean bag chairs, look no further! Make your order today with all your personalized specifications and be assured that we will deliver exactly what you need.