Adult Sized Bean Bag Chairs

Most bean bag stores you see offer many choices for children. But, adults need to relax and have fun, too! offer the biggest adult size bean bag chairs on the market. Up to 8 ft, we offer extra large bean bag chairs that are both stylish and comfortable. The microsuede cover is both luxurious and comfortable. The style of the microsuede fits in with more sophisticated styles and works great in rec rooms and lounging areas. The size is perfect for adults (unless you're bigger than 8 ft tall!)

Large Bean Bag Chairs for Grownups

 Our extra large bean bag chairs are big enough for adults to stretch out and relax in. There are smaller bean bag chairs where an adult’s feet would be on the floor. And then there are larger bean bags where the entire body is supported by the bean bag, almost like a bed or a recliner. We offer the larger kind here in this collection as most adults tend to prefer the recliner/bed type. We have a variety of colors to choose from including Navy Blue, Candy Apple Red, Black, Charcoal Gray, Eggplant purple and more!
We welcome you to explore the rest of our site and see our other collections. We have large bean bag chairs for adults available in a variety of sizes: 6 foot round, 7 foot round, 7 foot oval, and 8 ft round. Our 8 foot round bean bag is our biggest and, as far as we know, the largest bean bag available online! We look forward to continuing to bring you the biggest and the best bean bags for grownups.