Extra Large: Bed Sized

A big, beautiful bean bag welcomes you as you walk in the door and you sink in after a long day. The super-comfortable foam filling conforms to cradle you as the beautiful microsuede cover caresses your skin. Choose your favorite shape from our selection below. Each comes in a variety of colors that will fit right in with your decor. Sweet dreams!
  • Soft and beautiful microsuede cover
  • Double stitched for extreme durability
  • Ultra-comfortable shredded foam filling
  • Easily removable machine washable cover

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If you were looking for a bean bag big enough to sleep in like a bed then you have come to the right place. Our bean bags are the biggest around! You will not find any bean bags bigger than ours anywhere.

Our bean bags are filled with ultra comfortable furniture grade polyurethane foam. This foam is made of 100% recycled materials, so they are Earth friendly. You just have to sit in one to really know the experience. Our bean bags are as comfy as beds come in a variety of colors, but Designer Black is the most popular.

Each of our bean bags comes with a beautiful microsuede cover in a variety of colors that is soft and durable. Like a bed, you can remove the cover and wash them in a washing machine. The liner, which is made of cloth, will hold together the foam for you while you wash your bean bag in the washing machine. You may be wondering why we choose to use foam instead of beans inside of a bean bag. We use foam because it is a lot more comfortable. The foam we use in our bean bags is the same high quality foam that is commonly used in everyday furniture like your couch or sofa. That's why our bean bags are so comfortable.




I want to take a moment to describe the colors of the giant bean bags seeing as how different monitors have different color resolutions. So, I wanted to explain a little bit about each color so you can get the best idea of what it really looks like. We did our best to optimize the images to make them look as close as possible to the actual fabrics' color so that it looks how you expect once it arrives at your home. But, I believe a little explanation will likely help you with your decision as to whether or not it will fit with your décor.


Designer Black

First up is our most popular bean bag color which is Designer Black. It's not a dark grey or anything like that. It's a good solid dark color. Now, the microsuede texture gives it a very nice slight sheen in certain lighting which I really like. It makes it look very luxurious. I believe that's why black is one of the most popular colors.

Black goes with everything and it just has such a nice texture to it. If you want to get a really good feel for what the black cover looks like a close take a look at the eight foot bean bag models' pictures on its respective page. You can see the picture is a lot bigger and it's a very faithful representation of how the bean bags texture looks in real life.

Charcoal Grey

Our second most popular bean bag color is charcoal gray. Our charcoal gray is a deeper tone of gray. It kind of has a smooth stone look to it. If you look at some of the close up pictures, you can see how the texture of the microsuede gives it a nice duskiness to the color. A lot of people like the charcoal grey bean bags because, like black, it goes really well with a lot of different colors. It goes particularly well either contrasted with some darker bold colors, like purple, or red. But, it pretty much goes with everything and that's why it's one of our more popular bean bag colors.


The chocolate color is a nice dark brown. We called it chocolate because that's pretty much what it looks like. This is our third most popular option, as the chocolate color bean bag goes with a lot of color schemes. It goes particularly well with earth tones and more neutral colors. A lot of people with a lot of brown in the room, cream colors, and just warmer toned rooms prefer this color. It's different from our other two brown colors, gingerbread cake and cookie dough. Those have much different tones and while they can work well in the same room, they are not really all that similar.

Wild Grape

Our purple bean bag is called Wild Grape. We called  Wild Grape because we wanted to distinguish it as having a darker more dusky color to it. This isn't a Barney color of purple. This is a more mature-looking, deeper, smokier purple that pairs well with more muted colors in the rest of the room. For example, if you've got a lot of black and grey like a bachelor pad or something like that, the purple is a nice way to add a splash of color without it looking out of place. It will be a nice centerpiece bed-like bean bag for the room that gives it a nice dose of color and comfort without being too distracting from the more neutral colors in the room. This bean bag color is one of my personal favorites because it really looks like royalty. The micro suede texture gives the Wild Grape color a really nice sheen that goes well with gray and black in the rest of the room

Navy Blue

Our navy blue color is a nice dark shade of blue. It's very different from our other blue bean bag, the royal blue. Our navy blue, obviously, is a lot darker and is better suited for a more sophisticated setting. This color is very popular among our bean bags. I believe it's right up there with designer black and charcoal gray. It gives you some color but it's still very understated. So this darker blue, the navy blue, works well in rooms that maybe are not totally neutral and have their own colors already, preferably darker Navy Blues. Or, you can contrast it with brighter colors in the room. But, I personally prefer to use it when there are other navy blue elements already in the room. I think this bean bag in this color looks best when you have other navy blue things already as part of your decor.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a much brighter shade of blue. There are two ways that you can use royal blue that we have seen our customers do.

One, you can use the royal blue bean bag in a child's room. The bright blue color goes well in contrast with other bright colors like red, or a grassy green. Think primary colors and child's play rooms. In that instance, the royal blue would fit right in with a very colorful rec room.

Two, you could also use the royal blue bean bag for a more nautical-themed room. If you have, for example, golden wood floors, white trim, and perhaps a lot of brass or gold fixtures in the room, then this goes really well. Those colors I just mentioned pair really well with the royal blue because it gives it a nautical feel. It's like the ocean as a backdrop for the ship. I really like this color combination because I think the golden wood color contrasts very nicely with the royal blue of the bean bag. If you've got white trim and some gold or brass fixtures or trims then I think this bean bag really makes the room have a nice nautical feel. Throw in some life savers and anchor decoration, and maybe a painting of a ship, and you'll feel like you're out on the ocean.

Cookie Dough

Our cookie dough color was in the past called "sand." It's a light sandy beach color, but it's not too yellow. This is why we stop calling these bean bags that color name. A lot of people think of sand and they think golden beaches. It's not really that shade. It is more of a very light brown color. This is why we changed the name from Sand to Cookie Dough. We feel that cookie dough better represent what this color really looks like.

Candy Apple Red

Our brightest color is candy apple red. This is actually probably my favorite color bean bag because it's so fun to look at. It's really bright and bold. It is, like its namesake, a very candy apple shade of red. Some other options we considered calling it were hot rod red. It's a bright but deep shade of red and we felt that candy apple what's the closest thing that most people would be able to envision that would give an accurate representation of the color.

Candy apple red bean bag goes well with royal blue, bright green, or other bold primary colors if you are using it for a children's room or a very colorful recreation room. Conversely the color can go really well as a splash of color to a very neutral room. Imagine you have a bachelor pad with concrete gray walls, stone floor, metal or brushed steel appliances, and everything is very neutral. Much like the Wild Grape color you could put one of these bed in there and have a very bold statement of color in the middle of the room with the bean bag. It will be a very striking image, though. The bean bag will be the centerpiece of the room and be the thing that gets everyone's attention, guaranteed. So, for you that could be a good thing or bad thing. I want to make sure you have an idea of what this color looks like in different settings so that you can decide if that's the kind of statement you want to make with this color. It will be the focal point.

Olive Green

Italian olive is a deep green color. You could call it a forest green bean bag. This shade of green is a lot like the purple Wild Grape color. What I mean by that is not that the colors look similar. I mean that it is a darker smokier, looking shade of the color Wild Grape is a dark smokey shade of purple that looks more mature and will probably work best in more neutral rooms because it has a more sophisticated look. In the same way, the Italian olive green bean bag is a dark more sophisticated-looking shade of green that will also pair best with more neutral rooms. This would not go well with bright primary colors like you would see in a child's rec room. This is not like the candy apple red where it can be used for both a bright kids' room as well as to add a splash of color to a darker room. This is something that would really only work with the darker room.

Gingerbread Cake

The last color is called gingerbread cake. This bean bag was previously called Earth. The reason we change the name is because Earth can look very different depending on where you are. Again, the pictures have been adjusted to make sure they most faithfully represent the colors properly. But, I wanted to explain how this color looks too. The gingerbread cake is, you can say, between chocolate and cookie dough. It is definitely brown. It is an earthy tone, but does not have a lot of red hue to it, if that makes sense. There are some parts of the country where the soil is a lot redder, and this does not look like that kind of earth. This is more of a caramel brown. Caramel brown is actually one of the other options we considered calling this color bean bag. But, gingerbread cake sounded a lot more fun so that's what we went with. I believe that the name gingerbread cake represents this shade of brown very well. With this added description of the color I think you can make a good choice as to whether it will fit in with your current color scheme.

Well, those are all the colors. I hope that this has been helpful. Please feel free to leave any feedback you have on our social media. You can like our bean bag page and leave us a comment on our Facebook. Also we are on Pinterest and you can leave us a comment there, feel free to take a picture of your bean bag or yourself and your bean bag and share it with us on Pinterest. We love to see our customers enjoying our products and would appreciate you helping us spread the word about us. Also, you can follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates as to any specials we are having and connect with us in that way as well.

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